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Mumbai Salsa is a community of 2000+  Salsa Enthusiasts spread over various social networking sites like facebook.com,meetup.com. & twitter.com

Mumbai Salsa groups on various forums is moderated by me and I also publish a website www.mumbaisalsa.info . Our primary aim to get people socialise, meet, dance & promote salsa and other latin  dance forms in clubs and other suitable venues.

Let me put down some of the commendable work accomplished by Mumbai Salsa since the inception of this group in 2003.

  • Mumbai Salsa is the only website in India, covering events, reviewing Salsa instructors, and organising Salsa parties across various clubs in Mumbai.
  • We were instrumental in organising the India International Salsa congress 2007 chapter in Mumbai at velocity for which we were awarded certificates.
  • We have Organised more than 180 Salsa parties till date are patronized by salsa enthusiasts from all the salsa schools from Mumbai. We have successfully brought together all major dance instructors (schools) like Yogesh Karikurve, Kiran Shriyan, Raunaque Sidana, Ravi Akhade, Vijay Bandekar to patronise our Salsa events.
  • We have conducted weekly events in clubs like velocity, Rockbottom, Play, Purple haze,H20,Vie deck and lounge & Bohemia. We would soon be starting a monthly event at the newly opened club called Marimba starting from Feb 4 2010.
  • Our parties get the best of the crowd from various dance schools in to the clubs for dancing, and our parties are attended by 150-250 people. We attract equal number of people from either sex. Our forte is our exceptional collection of latin music.

We support all the dance classes/studio’s which teach Salsa and other Latin Dance forms.Click here to read testimonials here.

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  1. 9 years ago

    It’s great to find someone so on the ball

  2. 9 years ago

    It’s imperative that more people make this exact point.

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