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K-Style Bachata abused on the dance floor?


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  1. Donnie

    9 years ago

    Hi Manoj,

    Well good to hear the you are also getting addicted by salsa dancing

    I’m Donnie from Holland and I’m dancing a lot of styles of Latin dance for many year.
    I have some comments on your blog,

    1st: Bachata Dance
    Dancing you always do with two people, if a girl of boy doesn’t fancy to dance with the other than this is her/his choice. Everybody has a choice to dance with someone if she of he is asked to dance and so also with Bachata.
    If you Google Bachata than you will find out that this dance/music comes from Dominican Republic. It is a warm, passion able dance. Which also can danced very sensual if both dancers allow this!! But as a dancer Bachata is not the only style which can be danced sensual. If you are creative enough than almost every dance can be danced sensual. So about this K-style Bachata this is nothing new or special. It is just a creative way of dancing and if Kaytee wants to called it K-style, well than it is his choice if haven’t seen anything new what made me call it a new style. If have seen some other youtube movies about him and he has a nice hip hop flow and he plays that flow into salsa and bachata, which I think is great…

    About bachata just check these links:


    And also google “bachata tango”

    2nd Abuse
    For the girls: if you don’t want to dance to close with male just put the palm of your right hand on the front right shoulder of the male, so now he can not come close during the dance. And if he still doesn’t understand the hint, just say it !! And if his IQ is below 5 than just quiet the dance… And if his male ego didn’t understand that and he keep on bugging you, just go to the party organisation and complain about him. The organisation must take care of guys who are having trouble with understanding when to stop.
    Manoj the guy who told you that this is how things work, should be banned from the scene. If you can not control himself then he should go to other places where these things are normal.

  2. 9 years ago

    Hi Donnie,

    Those You tube videos links are amazing, had seen some of them before, and saw some of it for the first time.

    Its a priviledge to get an expert opinion from you, such is the magic of dance.

    I hope the girls take your advise.


  3. Priya

    9 years ago

    Hi Manoj!

    I absolutely agree with Donnie. I have been dancing Bachata for plenty of years to know that there’s no K-style Bachata. It’s simply Bachata which, by the way, is danced in a very close hold.

    Thankfully, I have not been misbehaved with too much. But, yes! This is the first thing instructors tell girls that if they do not want to be too close to the guy, they should put their left palm flat on the guy’s right shoulder. If the girls are aware enough and if they REALLY don’t want to get too close, they can totally command the situation.

    I personally never decline anyone for a dance. But if they are trying ‘things’ out on me, I take charge and get out of the dance sooner by simply saying a sweet ‘thank you’ and ‘Í need some water’.


  4. pk

    9 years ago

    can u please tell the name of the guy u r talking about?

  5. pk

    9 years ago

    i don’t think it has anything to do with K style Bachata. it can happen in any dance anywhere and if the girl is comfortable with the guy nobody can do anything but, if the guy is forcing the girl he can be taken to task. So, again please don’t try to give bad publicity to K style bachata for that matter

  6. admin

    9 years ago

    @Priya thanks for sharing your views.

    @pk are you going to be India for sometime? or heading back to boston?

  7. Donnie

    9 years ago

    Hi Manoj and Priya,

    First of all, I am not an expert just a guy who loves Latin music and dance. I must say in Holland there are also boys who are hunting like preditors as soon as they hear bachata music. Well these loosers dont think by using there head but by using their……
    ANd most girls know these type of guys so they are mostly rejected and once in while they are lucky to catch a beginner or they are fed by a girl who is charmed by them.

    But watching from Holland seeing you guys dancing salsa, bachata and merenque, makes me think to come to Indian soon and join your salsa party’s.. Hopefully soon..you never know.

    By the way of you talk about expert of salsa/mambo than I think of, Frankie Martinez, Adolfo, Super Mario, Santo Rico and so on….

    And Priya, Bachata comes from Domincan Republic these guys dance it but without the close hold. The close hold is just a way to dance….


  8. santosh

    9 years ago

    he he ….so typicalindian mentality!!These kind of comments happen in india only.social dancing happens teh worldover and no bigeal.

  9. pooja

    9 years ago

    What a cool dance? Whats wrong with dat ?

  10. Ashiq

    9 years ago

    K-style Dancing golden., 🙂

  11. Om

    9 years ago

    this K-style is essentially super-hot dancing. We are aficonados of “pegado” (glued) style dancing, so we can say that he definitely has added some interesting new ultra-sexy body waves and maneuvers that we have not seen before. HOWEVER, any guy trying to dance like this with someone new should be arrested. this type of dancing is only for consenting partners who have super-wide boundaries.

  12. admin

    9 years ago

    Loved yor comment, they should truly be arrested 🙂

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