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Review of H2O Salsa Party on 28th Jan


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  1. 9 years ago

    When they do happen, very few people turn up Manoj.
    Also, the kind of ppl who do turn up… well…. I dont wanna say anything else! 🙂
    I hope Ravi takes a more active stance. And yea, we shd support him. This is the only other Salsa nite tat happens other than SIDC’s Sundays.

  2. kavyaa

    9 years ago

    hey guys,u need to be understand situation, have seen some of salsa nite at H2O aswell as vie lounge,i was ther from first party at H2O nd vie lounge….it was rocking till date i have seen….have had convo with ravi regarding his party…there have been some issue happend when it started salsa nite at H2O after a month some guy had screwed up entire thing…again he tried building up…then again some private party cums…poor fellow he tries his best without any support….talking abt no crowd..people who cum plz get ur own girls…its easy to say this all but to organise it takes lot of pain…he is one man army….

  3. Raj

    9 years ago


    Question is not about how many people turn up(63 people had RSVP’ed for this event.
    For folks who don’t know the meaning of RSVP(it stands for “Répondez s’il vous plaît”(A verb, meaning to respond to an invitation in the aforementioned context)
    When you say kind of people ..you are being very generic about.
    All who turn up to these events have learnt salsa sometime in there lives.
    If you feel the crowd which comes is not up to the mark then you should get a set of friends with whom you are comfortable(Not necessary that everyone knows to dance,but to show them what they have been missing by not learning salsa)
    This is the only way you or anybody can help ravi to make his events a success.

    This is exactly the point which i had made with Manoj.I have been behind the scenes to know the trouble & pain it takes to organize something & it turns out to be dead.
    If ravi is doing it alone then he should delegate this to some of the interested folks who can help me..
    perhaps you can lend a helping hand & get some volunteers to spread the word.
    Again i am all in to help spread the word about this event.

  4. Manojj

    9 years ago

    Hey I had visited ravis party too but no fun man..the place is too small for salsa, there was absolutely no females except for the gals who came with me. The crowd left before the party began…I feel ravi was there but he didnt look too interested in the party either he was outside chating with his friends and occasional dance. You have to pull in the crowd.Dats his responsibility without this the efforts are gonna go waste.