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All the best with your site-Kaytee

“I like what you are doing with mumbai Salsa meetup dude” –Lourd Vijay

“Manoj – you’re a troublemaker man ;) .. great to have these articles” –tippi

“Manoj, I do acknowledge ur effort and the amount of time u invest here, its truly commendable.”- Avni

” u ve done a damn gr8 job on mtkg and packaging the salsa meetup its unmatchable….” Puja

“Was reading your review and the feedback you got!! Mind blowing!! you have actually awakened souls!!”- Roshni Dsouza

In my opinion, i guess Manoj has some substance in his post otherwise you wont have such a storm of extreme comments – Arun

“ manoj – dude.. this group is what it is.. becos of u man!keep up the good work..  ” Suman

“ Hi Manoj , Its a great job and effort you doing of keeping salsa alive in Bombay.”-  Kris Martis

““ Salsa in Mumbai would not have been what it is without Manoj’s dedication, determination and great organisational skills. Many thanks to him for that !!!! ”-Prashant

““ appreciate your efforts to spread salsa in bombay ”-Raoul

“ He deserves kudos for organising and maintaining this Group ! I had the pleasure to see him do Salsa last week and must say he dances very well, even with the “KNOW BASIC” tag, that he has put for himself. ”- Kamal Mustafa



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